The Hot List 2009...#9

#9: A world gone Plaid
(The Hot List 2009 is a list of the 9 biggest trends of the year.)

Farmers, lumberjacks, & Al Borland were rejoicing this year, because it seemed as though evvvvverything was plaid! Hats, coats, shirts, scarves, dresses, shoes, bags, hair accessories, my goodness...you name it, it was available in plaid.

I made a few investments in classic plaid button ups myself, but opted not to go too mad for plaid. I also didn't want to show up to a hipster party and be wearing the same shirt & skinny jeans as a guy...not like that has happened to me before or anything....

An innovator? Who knew?!

Spring 2009 RTW
photos from style.com
my favorite picture of Mary Kate of all time!

Anyone else think that Chris Pine is copying MK's outfit here? See what I mean about wearing the same plaid outfit!!!!!

Oh Alexa...I think I have girl crush. Anything this girl wears turns to gold!

Plaid is very classic but since it has been so huge for a few years, I think we won't be seeing a ton of it this spring. Don't quote me on that though, I've been wrong before!



  1. I opted on not getting plaid, not because I don't like it, because I love plaid, but because I looked like super-dyke in it! hahaha

  2. Totes rocked plaid flannel this weekend and I loved every minute of it!


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