blair called, she wants her look back!

Okay, I have a confession to make. I don't watch Gossip Girl.
I know, I know...I can practically hear you all gasping at your computer, but it's true. It is a great way to get style inspiration because they all dress so damn well, but I don't think I can handle hours of Chuck Bass giving everyone the stink eye.

Even though I don't watch it, I also don't live under a rock so I can recognize when something looks Gossip Girl inspired. I always associate GG with headbands because those girls pretty much started the headband craze of 2009.

I got this particular headband from my co workers when they were on a buying trip in LA. I am but a poor fashion student, so I was not invited to go but they brought me this little accessory back from J.Crew. It's really cute...like wearing a black cream puff on my head!

The dress I'm wearing is actually an old Kensie dress from a few years ago, but the lace overlay is very hot right now. Everything this holiday season is sequins and lace! I paired the dress with a cute little jacket from MissMe Couture. I think I might wear this again on Christmas Day with my family. The touch of red in the dress seems like the perfect Christmas outfit!



  1. I don't watch GG either, actually! haha. It annoys me that they are teens partying it up at expensive super adult places. and getting into super adult scenarios! Puh-lease.

    But yeah, their fashion sense is the best!



  2. Pfft, on Christmas day with my family I am wearing pj's. No cute little outfits for them ;)
    On boxing day though, i'm going to dress up nice and pretty for you. You'll be so impressed. :p

  3. OMG Mel I'm sooo glad there is someone else out there! GG is alllll my friends talk about it's crazy!

    Melissa...are you going to Elaine & Vince's on Christmas or your mom's place? I'm going to dress up on Boxing Day too...obvs :)

  4. uhm, so this is awkward. I just read this now. 10 days too late. oops.

    I went to Mike's yesterday for dinner. My dad asked me to 'quickly stop by Vince's' in North Van on my way to white rock. I'm not sure he understands where North Van is in comparison to Langley and White Rock ;)

    I get to see you soon and give you your present! yaaaay. (ps, someone just set off the panic alarm at my work.. Nothing says boxing day like talking to the police)


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