The Hot List 2009...#5

#5: Changing shape

photos from chictopia



The Hot List 2009...#6

#6: Paging the shoe department

This year, it was all about the McQueen shoes!

I stared at these Sam Edelman shoes for months on NastyGal!
Classics like Hunters & Chucks...

I do enjoy Oxfords and bought a great pair at TopShop in June!
The Fall 09 must have was over the knee boots!

Everything Jeffrey Campbell

Acne Wedges...drool!
I just remember really wanting these in the summer...

I bought these F21 shoes for $12 last night. I should be caged! Or at least banned from malls.



a sunny day in East Van

My whole outfit was inspired by my new $10 black skirt from H&M. Man, I love sale season :)



To Russia, with love

My roomies & I had a Christmas house party on the 23rd with all our friends. We turned our living room into a dance floor again and everyone brought yummy treats to snack on. After a few drinks, I felt it was an opportune time to test out my faux fur hat.

Everyone kept petting my head and saying I looked Russian. So I spent the night working on my Russian accent! It was super fun and great to see everyone before the Christmas madness.

Bustin a move!

Shirt & hat from Plum
Skirt from Aritzia
Tights from Mintage
Accessories from F21/Vintage



The Hot List 2009...#7

#7: Fashionable Movies
Though Valentino is actually from 2008, it was late to be released here in Canada. I purchased Valentino, but have yet to actually watch it. I'm ashamed to say that I did put it in my dvd player one evening, and I neglected to pay any attention to it at all. I think I was studying...

Have any of you fashionistas seen The September Issue? I missed it in theatres (curses!) but I am buying this one as soooon as it hits stores on DVD!!!! I've read all the great reviews and watched the trailer about a million times....how on earth did I miss it?!

I went to see this with my co workers about a month ago and it was such a fantastic movie. I definitely recommend it! Audrey Tautou is so lovely and a great Coco. I actually looked up Coco Chanel on Wikipedia after seeing the movie and there was a ton about her that I didn't know (like some Nazi drama). She is so fascinating & her outfits the entire movie will greatly inspire you!



Merry Christmas xo

I'm just at my parent's house in the suburbs and blogging in between presents & dinner. I apologize for my photo's quality lately. I got a new camera and hadn't taken the time to figure out settings etc., but I think I have things sorted out now!

Adam's company took us all to Whistler last weekend for their Christmas party. It was tres fantastic, they put us up at the 4 Seasons and we had a big dinner/dance on the Saturday night. I even saw Queen Latifa & her girlfriend...I only said hello though. My camera batteries had died...oh the irony!

The dilemma every year is what on earth do I wear to someone else's work Christmas party? I ended up playing it safe with a sexy detail like lace, but in a very conservative style. There are always those girls, however, who miss the memo on class and show up in their barely-there clubbing dress (and cheap heels). I think it is more about looking effortlessly fabulous. You have to know your audience!

I call that picture The Craft in honour of its eerie tones and the 1996 movie.

Lace Dress: Kersh
Long Black Cami: Talula
Platform Shoes: Nine West
Clutch w/Rhinestone Detail: Plum
...and don't forget the red lipstick!

Merry Christmas my lovelies. I hope Santa treats you well XOXO


The Hot List 2009...#8

#8: Revenge of the Nerds

I love the fact that fashion is so versatile & that you can take on almost any persona you wish. This year it seemed as though everyone was embracing their inner-nerd with large, thick framed glasses. I must say, there is something so sexy & intriguing about nerd glasses.

(photos from chictopia & google images)



The Hot List 2009...#9

#9: A world gone Plaid
(The Hot List 2009 is a list of the 9 biggest trends of the year.)

Farmers, lumberjacks, & Al Borland were rejoicing this year, because it seemed as though evvvvverything was plaid! Hats, coats, shirts, scarves, dresses, shoes, bags, hair accessories, my goodness...you name it, it was available in plaid.

I made a few investments in classic plaid button ups myself, but opted not to go too mad for plaid. I also didn't want to show up to a hipster party and be wearing the same shirt & skinny jeans as a guy...not like that has happened to me before or anything....

An innovator? Who knew?!

Spring 2009 RTW
photos from style.com
my favorite picture of Mary Kate of all time!

Anyone else think that Chris Pine is copying MK's outfit here? See what I mean about wearing the same plaid outfit!!!!!

Oh Alexa...I think I have girl crush. Anything this girl wears turns to gold!

Plaid is very classic but since it has been so huge for a few years, I think we won't be seeing a ton of it this spring. Don't quote me on that though, I've been wrong before!