sunday afternoon

Oh dear, I sure have been neglecting this blog! My life has been so busy lately and if you read my personal blog, you know that I've been on a cleanse and intense exercise routine. That along with school, homework, teaching, and the office...there hasn't been time for much of anything! I did manage to relax for a few hours on Sunday and go shopping downtown! I had to exchange an Olympic hoodie I got for Christmas & was surprised that I thought a lot of The Bay's Olympic gear was actually really cute! I ended up with the grey CANADA zip up. I also scored a gorgeous blue Zachary Smile dress from True Value Vintage...for only $20!!! I'm going to wear it out for dinner this weekend for sure! It was fun acting like a personal stylist for Adam who found a white button up for work as well as a new pair of jeans.

a Delphine dress
Aldo shoes
F21 jewels
purse from Plum



  1. I love your skirt! I enjoy reading your blog, don't forget about us! lol

    I'm a new follower, but I'd love it if you would come visit me!


  2. Lovely outfit. :) Hope you're having a happy hump day!!

    Love & Aloha, S

  3. I love this outfit.

    I will steal it.

    Very, very soon.


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