birthday celebrations

I bought this dress back in August and justified my purchase by saying I'd save it until my birthday. There was one close call when I insisted I had absolutely NOTHING else to wear except this dress, but I kept my promise and saved it for such a special occasion. I can't stand scrambling around shopping for "the perfect dress". It was so much easier having one all ready to go in my closet!

The dress is from Barefoot Contessa (Main St & Commercial Drive) paired with red lips, dark purple nails, simple diamond earrings, & a butterfly ring from Forever 21. The next time you want to go out dancing in Vancouver, I highly recommend Fortune Sound Club. It is a great venue...exactly the kind of club this city was in desperate need of.

It remains a mystery why alcohol makes me think that making ridiculous faces will translate well in photos?!


  1. Haha looks like you had a fun night! And yes Fortune is awesome! I cannot wait to go there again, though I remember at first being rather skeptical of its location (a club in Chinatown, wth haha). Lovin the red lips!

  2. I love your hair look nice blog

  3. I must agree that FSC is in a very strange location and from the outsite it looks like a dive, but it's so fab once you're inside!
    I also can't wait to go back...perfect for a girls night out dancing :)

  4. That skirt is SO beautiful. And your hair...wow!


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